Home Seller’s Guide

If you are selling a house, you probably bought it, too, and therefore already gained some insight into the world of property dealings. However, selling a house is a bit different from buying one.

You obviously want to sell your house when the market is strong and demand high.Therefore, it is advisable that you keep an eye on the property market and time your sale well. Generally, the market tends to be stronger in early and late summer than the rest of the year.

If you are not only selling your home, but also looking to buy a new one, we recommend that you put your house up for sale before you start looking for new properties. This way, you will be able to time the process much better because you will have an idea how quickly you can sell, and you can estimate the price range your new home could be in.

You should have a rough estimate of how much the whole selling process will cost you. This helps you adjust your financial priorities and prevents you from unpleasant surprises when the bills start coming in.

Costs of preparing your house for sale

It is up to you how much you want to spend on getting your house ready for sale. If you are a DIY expert with all the necessary materials at hand, you can end up spending very little money and a lot of time on repairs and polishing. If you are not, however, you will have to pay someone to do it for you. Make a list of things that have to be done and get quotes!

Selling fees

These costs depend on how you decide to sell your house.

Estate Agent fees

Agents normally charge a percentage-based commission usually 2 – 3 %. This means that the higher the sales price of your home, the more money the Agent will earn.

Auction fees

Usually amount to 2% of the selling price. Check whether you will be charged separately for advertising and cataloguing. Keep in mind that you will have to pay the latter even if your house is not sold.

Private sale

You will usually incur some costs for marketing and advertising. The advantage is that these are one-off costs unrelated to your property’s sales price, so clear budgeting is easier.

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